Another Unemployed Black Person

Society isn’t living up to its promises. I was told that if you go to school, get your college education, you will be rewarded with a good job. I’ve done all of those things and I have yet to receive my reward. I worked hard in college. I maintained a job and  involved my self in many community services and student organizations while attending college. My reward? Forty thousand dollars in student loans, seven thousand dollars in credit card debt, a Bachelors degree and jobless.

If it wasn’t for my mother I wouldn’t have the basic necessities. If it wasn’t for my sister, I wouldn’t have the material things. I’m living off of women that are struggling themselves to pay the bills and live a comfortable life. It’s not fun living as a dependent adult. This, however, is my reality. Educational attainment means nothing without an income. I am worse off now as a college graduate. Before college, I had a job and I was debt free. Did society mislead me?

I was supposed to be a different story; A child from the inner-city survive the streets, champions education, and earns a college degree. The ending was supposed to be a career. But my ending is reality: Society promotes lies to get individuals to invest in a system that cannot offer rewards. If that isn’t the truth, then it sure seems that way.

What gets me is I add to the statistics; another unemployed African-American. College was supposed to be my way out of the inner-city. The people here are depressed. They work hard only to receive scrap pay. They live in subsidized housing and they can barely afford to pay the hugely discounted rent. My mother is on section 8 and she wants nothing more than to come off of it but she can’t afford to do so. After college I was supposed to come home, get a good paying job, and alleviate the burden from my mother’s shoulder. But I can’t contribute anything.

Everyday when I am walking, I witness unemployment. They’re on the porch, on the street corner, or exiting the unemployment office. They look depressed. The black community is in a depression. I hoped that education was the key to success but it wasn’t. Education is the key to debt.

With this bitterness, I still will not give up on myself. But their are many people who already have given up.