Rosa Parks Boulevard Claims another Black Man

This is exactly what I was talking about. Bad stuff happens on Rosa Parks Boulevard. Black people are eliminating themselves. Where I am from people don’t know much about Rosa Parks, the woman, innovator, nor her legacy. Where I am from people know that Rosa Parks is a place where people are murdered. Yesterday, September 19th, a man dedicated to serving his country and family, was gunned down by a bunch of low life goons. According to

A widow returned on Monday night to the spot where her husband was gunned down a day earlier to grieve with about 75 of his friends and relatives during a candlelight vigil Monday night.

“Oh God,” Jamie Hughes said as she buried her face in the shoulder of a friend who was trying to console her. “He’s got a family! He’s got two babies!”

Paterson police said Adrian Hughes, 26, died after being shot several times by more than one gunman around 9:40 p.m. on Rosa Parks Boulevard near Lawrence Street. Chief Assistant Passaic County Prosecutor John F. Latoracca said Hughes was shot three times.

Investigators do not have any motive or suspects, and are unclear as to what led to the shooting, according to Lt. Richard Reyes of the Paterson police.

Hughes’ brother, Tyshoun Hughes, who on Monday morning was at the spot where his brother was shot, said he last saw him just 10 minutes before the slaying. Adrian Hughes was walking to his North York Street home when he was shot, his brother said.

Adrian Hughes was married with two daughters, Courtney, 2, and Kennedy, 4, said his father, Roger Hall. The older girl had just celebrated her birthday, Hall said.

Hall said Adrian Hughes had been serving with the U.S. Army in Texas until a year ago, when he tore his shoulder in an accident involving a grenade launcher, the father said.

After that, he returned to Paterson, where he supported his family by working in the shipping and receiving department of a company that supplies lug nuts to the military, Hall said. Jamie Hughes teaches preschool in Passaic, her father-in-law said.

Hall had just returned from dropping his daughter off at college Sunday night when he heard that his son had been shot. He rushed to St. Joseph’s Medical Center where he learned that Hughes had been pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

“Everyone used to say I was so hard on my kids,” Hall said, standing at the edge of the crowd at the vigil. “I was hard on them for a reason. It was so they wouldn’t be subjected to this.”

“This is random,” he added. “I always expected for my kids to bury me, not to bury one of them.”

Earlier in the day, Tyshoun Hughes and his fiancée, Tiffany Crawford, arranged candles and hung a white T-shirt from a fence near spray-painted police markings at the crime scene.

The shirt read, “Adrian (Mozus) Hughes. Gone but never forgotten. We love you. 9-18-11.”

“He was a regular family guy with a sense of humor,” Tyshoun Hughes said. “A lot of people respected him. He was just one of the coolest guys to hang around with.”

Around 6 p.m., Jamie Hughes came to the scene and left a message on a sheet spread across the fence.

“To my beloved husband,” she wrote. “Life won’t be the same without your laughter or your smile.”

“Remember that me and your kids will always love you,” she added.

The shooting was the city’s 13th homicide this year, Reyes said. Anyone with information may call Paterson detectives at 973-321-1120.

The reason for his murder is not known or clearly stated but I assume that it was senseless. It’s crazy that an individual can’t walk leisurely to their home or enjoy their life. People are constantly having to be careful where they walk or the words they speak. Whether you are involved in bad behavior or not, you will be a victim of senseless crime. People have to tread lightly. It’s totally unfair to people like me that live straight lives. But this is the reality on Rosa Parks Boulevard.


Rosa Parks Legacy Represented by Crime and Grime

I was well into my teens when I realized that in every inner-city I visited there are streets and neighborhoods named after prominent African American leaders. It is always an amazing tribute to have something in memorial that every person can celebrate. However, I don’t think these leaders would be so pleased if they saw the streets and neighborhoods their names represent. For instance, where I am from, there is this street called Rosa Parks Boulevard. The neighborhood wreaks of crime and grime. And this is true for many inner-cities across this nation. In addition, the poor representation doesn’t end with the neighborhoods; the schools named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X, are in poor conditions and contain low student academic achievements.

Thus, my intentions are to bring the conditions of the African American community to the attention of African Americans everywhere: this includes the regular working, middle, and upper class, the entertainers, the politicians, the leaders, and everyone in between. African Americans fought so hard to have near equality, justice, and respect from our country but it’s waning. The marches of Dr. King, the wrongful imprisonment, the abuse, the burning of churches, the struggles that thousands of people endured for justice seems to mean nothing to our community. If we respected our leaders, Rosa Parks Boulevard wouldn’t be crime filled but a respectable and thriving community.

Where I am from, there is no progress; conditions are becoming worse as I speak and lives are being lost more quickly than I can exhale. And it is us who are killing ourselves. I hope that I can bring some type of change for the better. So I’m saying this in advance: Pardon me if I step on a few toes.