Blacks are Killing Themselves

I was awoken this morning, 4am to be precise, to three loud gun shots ringing outside of my bedroom window. This type of activity is common in my city however, not in my neighborhood. I shouldn’t be shocked that no one reported the crime. People are very afraid to speak up about criminal activities even if it means letting someone die or allowing a murderer to run loose. This past summer alone, there have been over ten young men that have been murdered, stray bullets piercing the innocent, and ignorant people laughing about it the next day. Blacks are dying more than they can multiply.
While browsing the FBI homicide statistics I found that blacks, although the media makes it seem like we are the biggest criminals and offenders, are second to whites in the highest rates of homicides committed. This dispels the myth that blacks are more violent and aggressive than whites. With that being said, although we are less homicidal, blacks are the ones who are killing themselves.
African-Americans account for 48.6 percent of all reported homicide while whites account for 48.7 percent. Of the 2,867 black victims of homicide, 2,604 of their offenders were black. This chart from better describes:
Race and Sex of Victim by Race and Sex of Offender, 2009
[Single victim/single offender]
Race of victim Total Race of offender Sex of offender
White Black Other Unknown Male Female Unknown
White victims 3,518 2,963 454 40 61 3,097 360 61
Black victims 2,867 209 2,604 13 41 2,538 288 41
Other race victims 181 50 26 104 1 162 18 1
Unknown race 65 27 22 1 15 44 6 15
It is doubly as important to take note of the amount of men that are being murdered. African-Americans just barely make up 13% of the population in the United States. If black men are constantly dying by homicide our numbers will decline; there will be less and less of us. There was a period in the 1700s where black outnumbered whites in many of the colonies.
Poor black people don’t understand the value of life. I can’t stand life in the inner-city. It’s filled with crime, grime, and depression.┬áThis is a cold and cruel world. I love being African-American and I love my black people but there isn’t one day that passes by where I don’t wish I could leave the inner-city to be in a better place.